CM/ECF Registration

Florida Northern Bankruptcy Court

Welcome to the CM/ECF registration module

There are three ECF admission types:

  • Attorney (for Debtor)
  • Attorney & Creditor Claimant
  • Non-attorney (Limited)

The following guidelines apply:

-If you are an attorney, click Continue when you see the message "We do not have a digital record of admissions for the following credentials." The automated lookup is currently not working and will be a future enhancement.

-Attorneys must be admitted to practice in the Northern District of Florida. Admission status will be verified with the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Florida using the last name and the Bar ID you provide. If you are not admitted to practice, please visit the District Court site here to begin the registration process.

-If you are requesting Attorney & Creditor Claimant access, complete the Attorney ECF application and send an email to requesting both Attorney and Creditor Claimant access.

-Attorneys (and/or their staff) must have received ECF training from our Court or be a registered ECF user in another bankruptcy or district court. You may request ECF training at: . You must send a certification email to  providing the training completion date or a copy of a Notice of electronic filing bearing your name as proof of registration in another court.

 To get started, click on the appropriate link on the left. For more detailed information about ECF access, permissions, and other requirements, please click here.

If you have any questions regarding the registration process, please call our helpdesk at 1-888-765-1752.