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Court's Name Northern District of Florida
Software Version CM/ECF-BK V5.3.3
ECF Go Live Date 11/12/2003
Maximum PDF File Size (MB) 35
Maximum Merge Document Size (MB) 1
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Exclude From Case Upload Valuation: Chapter 13 plans submitted to this court may not contain a request for valuation of security, payment of fully secured claims, and modification of undersecured claims.
Lien: Chapter 13 plans submitted to this court may not contain a request for lien avoidance.
Surrender: Chapter 13 plans submitted to this court may not contain a request that the stay under 11 U.S.C. ยง362(a) be terminated as to surrendered collateral.
Assumption: Chapter 13 plans submitted to this court may not contain a request for assumption of executory contracts and unexpired leases.

Court Locations
Court's Name Northern District of Florida
Court's Address 110 E. Park Ave., Ste. 100, Tallahassee, FL 32301
Court's Phone Number (850) 521-5001, (866) 639-4615
Court's Email Address
Court's Hours 9:00am - 4:00pm

PACER Details
PACER Address PACER Service Center, PO Box 780549, San Antonio TX 78278-0549
PACER Phone Number 800-676-6856
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Flag Definitions
342(e)342(e) - Creditor has filed a preferred address / update info to override NCRS
707(b)707(b) - Presumption of Abuse under 707(b)
727OBJ727OBJ - Objection to the Discharge of the Debtor
ADDCHGADDCHG - Change of Address
ADVADV - Adversary filed
APPEALAPPEAL - Appeal filed
AUDIT-NOCLOSEAUDIT-NOCLOSE - Selected for Audit by U.S. Trustee - Do Not Close
AddCreds*** Flag replaced by AddRmvCreds 4/27/10 ***
AddRmvCredsAddRmvCreds - Amended Scheds adding or removing creditors
AwaitAppIFPAwaitAppIFP - Awaiting Application for IFP Waiver
AwaitAppInstAwaitAppInst - Awaiting Application to Pay Filing Fees in Installments
BARDEBTORBarred Debtor
BARRED-FeesBARRED-Fees - Debtor barred from filing in this district until outstanding fees paid
BPPBPP - Bankruptcy Petition Preparer Assistance
CARESCARES - Plan modification under CARES Act provisions granted
CC_Exempt_DCC_Exempt_D - Debtor is exempt from credit counseling requirements
CC_Exempt_JDCC_Exempt_JD - Joint Debtor is exempt from credit counseling requirements
CLAIMSCLAIMS - Notice to File Claims issued
CONSCONS - Consolidated Case
CRTeNCRTeN - Debtor Receives Electronic Notice of Court-Served Documents - COURT USE ONLY
CSCS - Court Service Ch 13
Ch7BusCh7Bus - Chapter 7 Business Case
CounDueCounDue - Credit Counseling Certification not filed
CredAdd*** Replaced with 342(e) flag 4/27/10 ***
DEFERDEFER - Fee Deferred
DELAY*** Replaced by DelayCL 4/27/10 ***
DISMISSED_w/PREJUDDISMISSED_w/PREJUD - Case Dismissed with Prejudice
DSODSO - Certification re: Domestic Support Obligations Due
DebtEdDebtEd - Debtor's Financial Management Course Certificate Due
DebtEdJtDebtEdJt - Joint Debtor's Financial Management Course Certificate Due
DelayCLDelayCL - Delay closing of case
DelayODSCDelayODSC - Delay or defer entry of discharge order
DirAplDirApl - Direct Appeal filed in Circuit Court
Discharge_DENIEDDischarge_DENIED - Discharge Denied (includes both debtors in joint debtor case)
Discharge_DENIED_DDischarge_DENIED_D - Discharge denied for primary debtor only
Discharge_DENIED_JDDischarge_DENIED_JD - Discharge denied for Joint Debtor only
Discharge_REVOKEDDischarge_REVOKED - Discharge Revoked
Discharge_WAIVEDDischarge_WAIVED - Discharge Waived
DoNotClose_HardshipDoNotClose_Hardship - Mtn for Hardship Discharge pending, do not close case
DschgCertsDschgCerts - Pre-Discharge Certifications Due
DsclsDueDsclsDue - Disclosure Statement Due
FUNDSFUNDS - Funds Deposited in Court Registry
FeeAppPendApplication re Filing Fees Pending (IFP or Installments)
FeeDueAbnFeeDueAbn - Abandon Fee Due
FeeDueAdCrFeeDueAdCr - Amended Matrix Fee Due
FeeDueAdPFeeDueAdP - Adversary Fee Due
FeeDueAmdFeeDueAmd - Amended Schedules Fee Due
FeeDueAplFeeDueApl - Appeal Fee Due
FeeDueBKFeeDueBK - Bankruptcy Petition Fee Due
FeeDueCAplFeeDueCApl - Cross Appeal Fee Due
FeeDueCnvFeeDueCnv - Conversion Fee Due
FeeDueFundsFeeDueFunds - Unclaimed Funds Fee Due
FeeDueINSTFeeDueINST - Installment Payment Due
FeeDueMPFeeDueMP - Miscellaneous Proceeding Fee Due
FeeDueMtnSellFeeDueMtnSell - § 363(f) Motion to Sell Property Fee Due
FeeDuePCFeeDuePC - Fee due in prior case
FeeDueRLFSTYFeeDueRLFSTY - Relief from Stay Fee Due
FeeDueRedactFeeDueRedact - Redaction Fee Due
FeeDueRemvlFeeDueRemvl - Removal Fee Due
FeeDueReopFeeDueReop - Reopen Fee Due
FeeDueRgFJdgFeeDueRgFJdg - Fee Due Registration of Foreign Judgment
FeeDueSevrFeeDueSevr - Sever Fee Due
FeeDueTrClmFeeDueTrClm - Transfer of Claim Fee Due
FeeDueWdRefFeeDueWdRef - Withdrawal of Reference Fee Due
HRGPNSHRGPNS - Hearings to be held in Pensacola Division per motion & order granting
HSCHSC - Historically Significant Case
HealthCareHealthCare - Debtor is a health care business - PPO rules apply
IFPIFP - Informa pauperis debtor / fees waived
INTRAINTRA - Case is an Intra-Distict Transfer
IneligCloseIneligClose - Ineligible for automatic case closing; manual close required
IneligDischIneligDisch - Case ineligible for discharge
JNTADMNJNTADMN - Jointly Administered Case
LEADLEAD - Lead case in jointly administered or consolidated cases
LimitedNoticeLimitedNotice - Limited Notice Permitted
MDSMMDSM - Motion to Dismiss pending
MEANSNOMEANSNO - Form 22A indicates no presumption of abuse
MEANSTMPEXMEANSTMPEX - Temporary exclusion from means test for Reservists & National Guard
MEANSUMEANSU - Presumption of Abuse undetermined
MEANSYESMEANSYES - Presumption of Abuse
MEMBERMEMBER - Member of an associated case set
MMMMMM - Mortgage modification mediation pending; review prior to closing
NTCAPRNTCAPR - Ntc of Appearance filed - Add creditor(s)
NoADINoADI - Do not allow automatic docketing via ADI in this case
NoAutoDischNoAutoDisch - Do not allow Auto Discharge for this case
No_RCSNo_RCS - Reaffirmation Agreement filed without cover sheet
OvrrideOvrride - Creditor Address Override
PRO_SEPRO_SE - Debtor(s) in case is (are) pro se
PRVDISCHPRVDISCH - Debtor previously discharged
PRVDISMPRVDISM - Debtor previously dismissed
PayStubPayStub - Payroll Advice or Statement of No Employer Income Due
PlnDuePlnDue - Plan Due
PreActPreAct - Case filed prior to the enactment of the BAPCPA
ProBonoLtdProBonoLtd - Limited Appearance Pro Bono Representation of Debtor
Pro_BonoPro Bono Representation of Debtor(s)
Pro_se_ReaffPro_se_Reaff - Pro se Reaffirmation Agreement filed
QC_ReafQC_Reaf - QC Reaffirmation Agreement and then remove flag
R1APGoverned by Order Establishing Procedures re "First Round" Adversary Proceedings
R2APGoverned by Order Establishing Procedures re "Second Round" Adversary Proceedings
REAFREAF - Reaffirmation hearing scheduled
REOPENREOPEN - Case Reopened
ReafHdShpReafHdShp - Undue hardship re: reaffirmation
ReafHrgReafHrg - Reaffirmation hearing scheduled
RepeatRepeat - Repeat/Serial Filer
ReqHrgCancelReqHrgCancel - Request for Cancellation of Hearing (NO PDF REQUIRED)
ReqSepNtcReqSepNtc - Debtors in joint case request separate notice
RevAmdDocMapRevAmdDocMap - Review Amended Document Mapping (Stats)
SmBusSmBus - Ch 11 Small Business
Subchapter_VChapter 11, Subchapter V
TRANSINTRANSIN - Case Transferred into the District
TRANSOUTTRANSOUT - Case Transferred Out of District
TaxReqTaxReq - Request for tax documents pending
WaiveWaive - Debtor(s) has(have) waived the discharge in this case

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